Sewing textile products

DOO ''Lira'' has a workshop for sewing textile products. Process of making textile products in workshop is completed, from tailoring and sewing to ironing and packing of goods.
We produce different models of work clothing provided for different types of activities : for industry, health care, hospitals, sport activities...

We are well known for producing clothing and accessories of quality materials, precise tailoring and sewing, for respecting agreed terms and for fulfilling customer’s desires in choosing appropriate material, size and colors of ordered goods.

We have a modern automatic tailoring system, electronic classical machines for rough and fine tailoring, and also special machines for sewing and sewing automats.
In our workshop we also have embroidery machines, so we can embroide on any model a logo of your company or any sign according to your wish.

We produce work clothes in all standard sizes from the number 36 to 66 and in all standard colors, according to color palette card. Work clothes are produced in standard models, but there is possibility for sewing non-standard sizes and models according to customer requirements.



DOO ''Lira'' is a holder of brand ''FAIR PRODUCT'' which refers on goods and services which are producing companies for professional rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities. By buying the products or using services which are holding brand ''FAIR PRODUCT'' you are supporting work and employment of people with disabilities.



Miloševački put 34
RS - 23300 Kikinda

Branislav Bugarski - manager
Telephone: +381 023 315 295                                                                                                                                                                                       Mobile phone :

Valentina Rađenović - Consultant for integration on workplace
Telephone: +381 230 315 302

Tatjana Kovačević - Sale department
Telephone: +381 023 315 300                                                                                                                                                                                       Mobile phone : +381 63 111 69 80



Dry cleaning service
Location: Dry cleaning service  is located in '' Lira'' facility within Livnica ''Kikinda'' site, and our department for reception of goods is located in town centre on adress: Kikinda, Dositejeva no.19.

Opening hours : Monday to Friday -09 to 16h, on Saturday - 10 to 15 h